Malditos (2020)

alloro perso award 2020_official selecti

MALDITOS  is  an hybrid filmic experiment which follows a staged nerve-wrecking competition. Exploring the meaning of success, failure and self-realization, the film interweaves non-fiction interventions and staged representations, constantly blurring the boundaries between fiction and reality.


Feature lenght documentary film in co-production with Altrove films and the support of Trentino Film Commission and Centro de Artes Vivas Matadero Madrid. Associated producer Prima & Vera Producciones and Fernando Martín. In post- production.

directed and written by Elena Goatelli & Angel Esteban

produced by Altrove Films & KOTTOMfilms

executive producer: Roberto Cavallini

associate producer: Prima&Vera, Fernando Martín

supported by Trentino Film Commission, Naves Matadero

CINALFAMA: Malditos is an important and inspiring document, one for the ages.

Best Directing award for Elena Goatelli and Angel Esteban.

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